About Us

Say, we have to go from point A to point B. We go like this….

What if we knew an easier way to go from A to B?

Our life is like a pathway which we tread each day. This path could be of health, wealth, relationships, career or our whole life. We make several choices on a daily basis. For every choice, there are two ways to go
about – complicated or easy.

Why not choose the easy way?

Making It Easy

Making It Easy is an online entity that offers easy and relatable solutions for any issue affecting your life through healing and coaching. Life is easy and there are simpler ways to solve problems and reach goals. Different problems affect people differently. We are all unique so the solutions should also be custom made according to each one of us. We are surrounded by a sea of information and solutions. Which one to choose? That would depend on who you are as a person and most importantly as a soul.

Making It Easy helps you find who you are at the soul level and then offers solutions accordingly.

Know who you are in 
Akashic Records

Soul Guidance from
Tarot Cards

Heal your body and mind with
Pranic Healing and
Bach Flowers

The Story

Making it easy is a gift to me from my son

For as long as I can remember, my big dream was to have children and have a home full of love. I finally conceived after ten years of marriage but in April 2019, my son was born premature and passed away moments later.

After 10 days, one evening, the grief of losing him struck me real hard. I had a sinking feeling and thought nothing could save me. Suddenly, a voice came to me, “Geetika, you can’t give up. He(my son) doesn’t want you to give up.” I got up, slowly walked out of my house to a nearby café, opened my laptop and started working. I haven’t stopped since.

I was going through pain and I didn’t want anybody to sleep sad. I know it sounds a bit dramatic but it is in times of suffering that compassion seeps in at a greater speed.

Soon, I started giving free online healing sessions at night. I brushed up my healing skills and put myself out there. I had voices in my head telling me, “who are you to teach others?” But at the same time, the loss I had just faced uprooted all fears within. I was healing earlier as well but the strength and wisdom to offer help to others came through my son for which I am deeply grateful. I started with full force and
Making It Easy was born.

Geetika Nayyar

Geetika Nayyar is the founder of Making It Easy. She was born and brought up in Lucknow, and currently stays with her husband in Gurugram, India.

She has a degree in Masters of Business Administration and also a Diploma in Interior Design. After leaving the corporate world, she had a successful online baking business by the name of November Bake. In 2017, she started offering professional healing services and finally in 2019, Making It Easy was born. 

Geetika is a Pranic Healer, a Tarot Reader, a certified Soul Realignment (Akashic Records) Practitioner and a certified Bach Flower Therapist. 

She conducts online group and personal sessions. She also does various kinds of fun, interactive corporate workshops.

Let's make it easy for you