Bach Flowers

Bach Flower Therapy

Bach Flower Therapy involves healing physical and emotional issues through use of flower essences. In 1930s Dr. Edward Bach discovered Bach Flower Therapy. These are natural medicines and are extracted from certain flowers and are in the form of essences that are mixed with pills. The flowers contain energetic qualities that heal us at the soul level.

How does Bach Flower Therapy work

Disease or negative emotion happens when there is a disruption in the energy system of our body. This disruption is healed by the harmonious energies of these flowers. The Bach Flower Remedies allow peace and happiness to return to the patient so that the body is free to heal itself. It is said to have provided relief and in most cases healed physical and emotional ailments.

Bach Flower heals

  • They can heal physical ailments like cough, cold and fever, migraines, sinusitis, allergies, thyroid, PCOS, diabetes, etc
  • Bach Flower can also heal emotional problems like fear, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, etc.
  • We can get solutions for daily life issues such as family problems, relationship issues, financial problems, career matters, etc.

Bach Flower Medication

Bach Flower Remedy is prepared on the basis of the disease or emotion that the patient is experiencing. Just like homeopathy pills, the required essences are mixed with the pills and given in a bottle. One bottle lasts for a month if taken regularly as per the dosage. This medicine is couriered to the client anywhere in India.

Bach Flower Consultation

If the patient is unsure of his / her emotional state then a detailed consultation is done and a mix of specific bach flowers is prepared depending upon the diagnosis which is explained in a telephonic session. The session duration is 90mins. The first month’s medicine is included with this session.

Therapy process

After initial chat and receiving the payment

  • For medication- the symptoms are confirmed and the medicine is sent to your postal address.
  • For a Consultation – A date is booked for the consultation.

Benefits of BFR

Bach flowers work at the soul level and heal us. There are many situations in our lives for which we do not visit a doctor; for instance, feeling scared before exams, anxiety to go to the dentist, grief after losing a loved one or even behavioral issues with growing children – such situations can be soothed through Bach Flowers.
The best part is that they are completely natural and one doesn’t get dependent on them.