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Are Angels looking after you?

Are Angels fictional and a figment of our imagination or do they really exist? In this blog, I am going to share my personal experience with Angels and help you to identify their presence in your life. So, grab a cup of that hot chocolate if you want, and keep reading.

Since a young age, I was quite fascinated by the word ‘Angels’. During school days, I came across the Angel smileys and also the angel and devil costumes in the fancy dress competitions. As internet was still new and not easily accessible and the school library had mostly academic books, so I couldn’t gather much information about Angels.

It was much later, sometime in 2015, that during a Pranic Healing event, where we were celebrating our Teacher GMCKS’s birthday, that I received as a gift a copy of ‘Angel Therapy’ by Doreen Virtue.

I thought that the book was sent to me by the Universe. It was the first time when I got some knowledge about Angels. Reading the experiences of the writer, I often used to wonder if it is really possible for people to see and feel Angels.

That was then, and today when I look back, I smile as I had more information coming my way.


The Archangel Meditation and Angel Hosting

Soon afterwards, I did an ‘Archangel Hosting’ at my house. The tradition involved inviting the Angels to one’s home while doing an Angel Meditation for 5 days. Back then, I had a small and cozy baking studio at our terrace. I created a small mantle and lit up a candle in the studio itself. Following this tradition, I did this beautiful Archangel Meditation by Master Nona Castro. As I meditated that day, my heart was filled with bliss and joy. I felt warmth and love enveloping me from all around. That was the first time I experienced the presence of Angels around me.

Since then, there have been numerous occasions when I felt their presence. Believe me, it is really magical and our faith and trust makes the experience more amazing. I believe that angels are these sweet helpers who are always with us and support us when we get stuck. They also get very happy when we acknowledge them. Whenever I am upset, the Angels gently nudge me so that I seek their guidance and when I do, I feel better instantly.

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So, the important question is how can one feel their presence around and seek their help. Well, we just simply need to invoke to them and acknowledge their presence and guidance. You can even try to use the following Angel Affirmations whenever you are upset, bothered or stressed in life. Just take a few deep breaths and affirm.

“Thank you Angels for being by my side.”

“Thank you Angels for helping me always.”

“Angels, please guide me in this situation.”

Even in our daily life, if we affirm and acknowledge their presence, we can notice our day becoming magical.

Angel Tarot Reading Divine Guidance

In Pranic Healing, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui tells us how we can assign Angels to a patient to help in the healing process.
Personally, I am also grateful to be guided by the Angels during my Tarot Reading Sessions.

Let me share with you one of my favorite Angel Affirmations.

“Whenever I take a step, a fleet of Angels surround me to protect and guide me.”

When I affirm this in full faith, I am filled with immense gratitude.

Do you know why this affirmation is powerful? We all have an inherent need to be taken care of. When we acknowledge that the Universe supports us and the Angels are with us, we feel taken care of and protected. It’s like being on a soft pillow of love.

So, no matter what is going wrong in our lives, we get this faith that we are blessed and all will be well. Like when Lois Lane gets into trouble, Superman invariably reaches to save her. Similarly, we have Angels that help us during our troubled times.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we can leave it all to Angels. They are our invisible helpers who help when we call upon them. They make us believe in ourselves and the Universe. But the real action has to be taken by us.


Angel Message for Me and You

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Last night, I was doing the same Archangel Meditation and the feeling of blissfulness enveloped me. During the meditation, I received  a beautiful affirmation.

A lot of times, we are focused on getting the perfect home or the best car. We want to earn more and more money to make our surroundings prettier and comfortable. I used to aspire for them too. Who doesn’t like symmetry and classy objects decorated in their homes?

But lately, I have understood that it is love and our own energy that makes our home pretty. This is the affirmation that I received from the Angels.

“Home is where the Angels are and the Angels are with me. I am Home.”

I was blown away when I got this message. In all spheres of our lives, we have this  ultimate desire to achieve more and go to a better place. Well, that better place is not outside but is right here, within us.

Being home is a feeling I get when I am connected to my inner self.

The Angels are always with us. Let them in. You will be amazed to see how magical life becomes.

Let us know what you think in the comments below. Have you ever had an Angelic experience? Would love to hear from you.

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