Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Akashic Records is an energetic database of all the choices made by a soul in its current and previous incarnations. It also contains the possible choices that a soul can make in the present and in the future.

Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment is an advanced method of healing wherein the past negative karmic patterns are resolved and blockages are removed by accessing a soul’s Akashic Records.

What happens in a Soul Realignment Reading?

There are 3 things that one gets to know from a Soul Realignment Reading:

Our Divine Gifts: Just like we have a unique identity on this planet, we also have certain traits that are unique to our soul. They are known as Divine Gifts.

Root cause of our problems: This root cause may be from our present life or our past lives.

Clearing Work: The blockages that are affecting a person at the soul level are cleared, the possible action steps are suggested and affirmations are shared to further enhance the healing.

Types of Soul Realignment Readings

Basic Reading

  • The divine gifts and soul strengths are shared.
  • Karmic blocks from the present and past lifetimes are identified.
  • The karmic blocks are healed in the Akashic Records
  • Duration of the session: 90mins
  • Medium: Phone call

Subsequent Reading

  • Can be done after 6 months of the Basic Reading.
  • Helps to identify another set of karmic patterns that need healing.
  • Clearing of the new karmic blocks.
  • Duration of the session: 90mins
  • Medium: Phone call

Property Reading in Akashic Records

It involves Akashic reading of the property and the related clearing work.

One can get their property reading done in following cases:

  • Unrest at home
  • Business not doing well
  • Facing major upheavals in life
  • After shifting to a new property

Apart from Clearing work, the client gets to know the following:

  • Negative thought forms in the property
  • If there are any earthbound souls in the property
  • If there are anger energies sent to the property
  • What was the land of the property assigned to

Duration of the session: 30mins

Medium: Phone call

Process to get a Reading

Before the Reading

  • Share the basic information as asked for
  • Make the payment
  • A date of reading is booked.
  • The Akashic Records are accessed and the clearing work is done.


  • The duration of the reading is 90mins

After the Reading

  • A written set of affirmations are sent to further enhance the healing
  • One follow-up call of 20mins after the session within 7days

Benefits of a Soul Realignment Reading

Firstly, one gets to know about their divine gifts and soul characteristics. While people are gearing up for a better life, knowing their soul strengths help them to move towards a more aligned path.

Secondly, we get solutions to the current problems in life. Most obstacles have their roots in our past. By accessing the Akashic Records, we get to know the choices that we made in this lifetime or in past lifetimes that attracted the current issue. We get to know the root cause of our problems which translate as the karmic patterns that run in a loop lifetime after lifetime. The knowledge of these patterns helps to shift our consciousness to a great level. In the clearing work, these negative karmic patterns are healed.

Therefore, relationships can get healed, health can become better, money and abundance can be attracted and we can live life to its fullest potential.